Daygo Mind Trip

The trip your eyes have yet to witness so enter but don’t be afraid.

DMT copWhen was the last time you experienced a trip? Whether it’s good or bad you never experienced a trip like the Daygo Mind Trip. On May 12th a variety of artists based in San Diego, CA had the opportunity to showcase their talent at Queen BeesZombae gave herself the challenge of taking the rap scene in San Diego to the next level by unifying different areas. A stacked line-up including SLiiiMBUDDHA, the Soulution KT, CIDE Sounds, & many others provided enough proof that the city is not to be slept on. Many more shows will be on the rise with similar artists and hopefully the same energy from Zombae. We provided a recap for those that missed this trip so enjoy & remember this is only the beginning to something major…

Daygo Mind Trip Recap