San Diego, CA

To regain tranquility take a trip to the city.

IMG_3877I never truly experienced San Diego besides going to the zoo or seaworld. A week ago for the Daygo Mind Trip event I had the opportunity to explore the city and basically feel like a tourist. I hit this pizza joint that I lowkey thought looked decent but it turned out to be some good stuff. Very good size of a slice for the price honestly.

IMG_3792During the short time I had left in San Diego I noticed the scenery in Balboa Park. I’ve never been more at peace with myself like I was that day. Good people with good energy is always what strives the creative mind. Put the phone away and pulled the camera out and created some of my most decent work. Honestly wanted to hit the Japanese garden but ain’t nobody going to finesse me for some money to look at different types of plants, I’m sorry y’all. And S/O to my cousins and drop top twon for being  the models for the day.