the GOOD show


In the Sin City up to no good Culture Collective and We Stay Burning GOOD presented the GOOD show. Located at the end of the strip the GOOD show presented a very unique lineup including artists from San Diego. This gave San Diego an opportunity for artists to prove that their city is not to be slept on. Las Vegas also had some local artists on the rise in the building.

DJ of the night DJ Josh Giggin traveled from San Diego with his special guest Fresh Heir both from the collective Eclectik. Fresh Heir opened up the night and performed his newest single Cellphone. The Eclectik group brought the sound of tomorrow with their presences.

D2A (Death 2 Authority) traveled all the way from San Diego to perform in Las Vegas as well. DiALECT and Sweez Mac from D2A performed a variety of songs including some off of DiALECT’s project RiverView Springs. With a memorable performance the trip to Las Vegas was a bittersweet moment for D2A with the lost of their member last year. (STAY CREASED!)

Red and Kiari The Stone from One Militia closed the night out electrifying the crowd with a couple of unreleased singles. The crowd let them know if the song they performed was either hot or not. No emotions held back from the crowd as they were impressed with the sound. Kiari The Stone also performed songs off his newest project PRMSLND that I suggest you check out now. One Militia’s grind is nonstop, stay on the lookout.

Live art from Flourish. Pop up shop from WSBG.

The GOOD Show Recap by Myth Vision

Track Playing 3AM by DiALECT

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