Austin, Texas

“This is where it starts, apply yourself fully to the art” – Stella Rose, Vel The Wonder

Exploring outside of our usual local spots landed us into Austin, Texas for SXSW. A major step for everybody with only one thing in mind, networking. Some might say we were crazy for driving 20 hours instead of flying and I would have to agree with them. 20 hours sounded so simple as the plan but when you actually do it.. its another story. You learn from the situation and apply what you learned on to the next one.

All of us had a different game plans going into 6th street which is what you got to do when you’re trying to promote your own brand/self. The first day was more of a get to feel out the situation and realize that we’re really out here kind of day. The second day is where you put all of your energy on the line and hope for the best.

Throughout my time I met hella dope people there and accomplished somewhat of my game plan. It’s crazy how music brings us  all together. Also glad I got to link up with the one and only Velly Vel with her short time there. Always good seeing friends.

Texas on film



SXSW w/ Vel The Wonder


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